Thursday, January 31, 2008

belgian beauties

it's been too too long! i've got the usual string of excuses BUT i've been continuing to stuff my idea folders full of images and inspiration and have a few project ideas (many new baby related - yet another new baby arrived 2 days ago! yay baby Harry!) bubbling in the back of my head.

but for the moment, check out these belgian drinking glasses from Henry Dean (that i found on my new blog addiction Remodelista):

speaking of belgian drinking, we tried out The Trappist - a belgian beer bar the other weekend with our Belgian friend Charly and his wife Francis. now that was fun and the beer glasses festive (though not quite as ethereal as these), especially by the end of our 12 glass tasting. next up: the Monks' Kettle!

with belgian beer bars popping up all over the place, the SF bar gods truly must have got the message the Charly was back!

Monday, January 07, 2008

what i've been up to recently

.... has been making my own letterpressed holiday cards. i am happy with how they turned out and extra happy with the sense of peace and fulfillment that the process of creating them gave me.

a ps: so i can't count, apparently, and didn't make enough. so i apologize if you are reading this and happen to be someone who'd expect a card from me and didn't get one - i am SORRY!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

bloesem for kids

i am kind of behind on this (it is not the newest of news, but still great news!)...bloesem has introduced a new blog featuring great design for kids. i am looking forward to reading this! super topical for my life right now (4 babies of friends coming in the next few months - woohoo!)

a t-shirt christmas

inspired by the shower onesies (see below), we came up with a new project for our family at the holidays. we have a bunch of traditions already: trooping through the woods to pick out our tree (yup, we totally still do that), going to a church service where they have a candle light service (real candles) plus all the good carols, and making christmas cookies for santa of course.

but why not add another? everyone got up from in front of the tv and laptops and got together over the dining room table to decorate holiday 2007 t-shirts.

it must be my inner art teacher... i can't get enough of watching different people approach and execute a project in their own unique style.

above is the back of the shirt b made. love it!