Tuesday, April 29, 2008

greek genius

here's ashley again...

modeling the vintage red spanish shirt she uncovered at new bohemia in austin. during our trip, she, who is oh-so-in-the-know about all things greek, also got me hooked on korres.

do you know korres?

i think it is time you did.

korres make (truly, really) all natural skin and hair products. i've been doing a lot of reseach on product ingredients recently (here's a good resource) and you'd be shocked at what lurks in the ostensibly harmless (normal baby shampoo!) and even heavily promoted "natural/organic" products (don't get me started ...).

but korres ... now here's a company that knows how to put a pretty (in the most holistic sense) product in a very pretty package.

Image courtesy of Sephora

Sunday, April 20, 2008

a wrong turn or two

my husband and i set out for kauai last week but due to a couple metaphorical travel wrong turns ended up in palm springs. i've been before, but never when it was just this hot and just this perfect weather. and we are here at the parker palm springs which (designed by Jonathan Adler) is quirky and cheeky and just-the-right size (not a huge lumbering resort place) hotel. it is also stunning:

at night, these lanterns (which from a distance seem like regular chinese laterns seem, from up close, to be made of mother of pearl) light up all over the place:

also, you may have seen this before but check out the entrance:

a most excellent selective use of the color orange. it is pretty clear where you are supposed to go in ;)

Monday, April 14, 2008

the many good sides of ... wine

i just love this table, so gorgeous and so... well, good! cliff spencer makes it from reclaimed wine stained oak staves (from wineries). all the better for the stains i think!

Via Inhabitat