Friday, June 29, 2007

alright, let's get back to color

surfing around, i found the blog Scout Holiday and via it, came across the website for Preen magazine. which features this fantastic image in its current issue:

Tunnel Vision, construction paper artwork by Jen Stark. Image courtesy of Preen

i am mesmerized. definitely check out the Preen website for more images and artwork.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

pretty pibiones

after so much color, i'd like a bit of white. this bag from pibiones (which i discovered via the wonderful italian blog labour of heart) fits the bill. many other lovely bags from this Sardinian company are right here.
Image courtesy of Pibiones

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

gotta love new york

I came across this book while I was browsing at Velocity Art & Design:

Which was totally exciting because it reminded me of my upcoming trip to NYC - aka my hometown. Love the colors on the cover - such a bright and chaotic reminder of all that is bright and lovely and chaotic about NYC. Can't wait to get there.

See the Assouline website for some interior page shots.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nicola Gebhard

Who could resist these for a jaunty walk in the rain? Or to keep the summer (it's here! in SF!) sun out of your eyes?

Nicola Gebhard, a hatmaker from Berlin, makes these. I love how she says her choice of color dictates the style she picks...

Image courtesy of Nicola Gebhard/Ysh

Friday, June 22, 2007

meet Yuki

Check these kicks out:

Via Labour of Heart via Bloesem, I came across Hetty Rose, a british company that hand-makes shoes covered in vintage Japanese fabric.

This particular pair is called Yuki and I just love the pops of color (yellow heals!) and the retro shape.

Image courtesy of Hetty Rose

Thursday, June 21, 2007

temperley at target

Temperley dresses exude such a sense of exotic relaxation. Kind of like - if I was wearing one, I must be in some far flung, hot spot where the primary activity must be doing nothing much at all...

Image courtesy of Temperley

I spent some time the other week at Post26 in LA ogling them (they are spendy$$$). Come October, however, it looks like I'll be able to partake of a bit of Temperley as Alice Temperley's collection for Target debuts:

Images courtesy of Target

Not an exotic dress in sight (ok the one at the right is pretty sultry), but I like the Parisian chic of these.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

coming at me via the usps

The other day this arrived for me from a used bookseller:

And I've had my face buried in it since then. Matisse continues to be such an inspiration which I see so clearly as I look back through the pieces I've posted about!

My platen press also made it to me across the country and, with some heavy lifting, up into our apt. So I've also been buried in catalogs offering all sorts of press and printing accessories, some of which have these fantastic names - a chase, the gooseneck, quoins, furniture and slugs!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

binth baby

With babies again on the brain (just spent a fun few hours with a great friend and her adorable and super happy 7 month old who has discovered how to give a most excellent sloppy kiss!) I thought I'd show this:

Image courtesy of Binth

This baby book says everything that a whole lot of baby stuff doesn't; it's simple, well-designed and is such a soothing, restful (for the tired parental eyes) green image. The book is from Binth, a Chicago design group which produces really striking graphics in cards, notebooks and on art prints. Including this print for a baby room (which I love, love, love):

Image courtesy of Binth

I am also immersed in design research for upcoming trips 1) to my hometown NYC; can't wait to really get to know Brooklyn and 2) on a bonanza trip to Berlin & Munich & Cophenhagen. If anyone reading this has any suggestions about where to go and what to see (design or otherwise), I'd love to hear them!

Friday, June 15, 2007

she's so great

I have been following shiso mama's postings for a while now - and I just love them more and more. I love the updates on her son otis and the whole family traveling in taiwan - fashion show sunday included.

Inspired by shiso mama's collages and projects (I am planning to do her homasote board project), I took a look through her flickr sets and came across her tutorial on silhouettes which included a picture of her Enzo Mari pig print. I'd love one of those or maybe an Enzo Mari apple:

This is just so appealing in so many ways. Bright clean lines. Cheerful red shape. And there is also a pear! Both are available from kido.

Image courtesy of kido

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

learning to love you more

Good news: I think my press has made it across the country! I got a cryptic USPS notice telling me a 'heavy parcel' is waiting for me at the post office ... What else could it be? I have to ask b when he can help me pick it up! Cannot wait.

In other creative ventures, I just submitted this as an assignment for the Learning to Love You More project #63, organized by Miranda July et al:

For #63 - the "Make an encouraging banner" assigment - they suggested you do something with a phrase you say to yourself ... and I thought of this phrase that I do say to myself - a phrase I saw once on a lady's tote bag in an airport in Florida.

Although the quote is a little challenging or onerous sounding, it is encouraging to me b/c it basically says to be creative it is necesary to have courage and to persevere. that is a requirement of creativity. It shouldn't come super easily, but requires courage and effort and intent - all that.

(Also, randomly, I realized it is a Matisse quote (after looking it up on the internet) whch is kind of nice - b/c his work has been so formative in my design sense.)

Anyhow, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the other assigment submissions on the LLYM website - and possibly particpate. A recording of "the sound that is keeping you awake" might make someone out there in the world (not you, I am guessing) laugh!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

modern economy

On design*sponge today, I read about Modern Economy, which seems right up my alley. Calling itself a "home & lifestyle sample sale event for design enthusiasts" and emphasizing affordable modern design, Modern Economy is coming to SF again this July.

I hope to find some:

Henry Road cottons

Or maybe some Tikoli tea towels?

It is a bit mysterious, but sign up to be on the ME email list to find out when and where the event will take place in SF....

Also, check out the website of Meg Mateo Ilasco, Modern Economy's organizer. Her prints are so fun!

Monday, June 11, 2007

color and line

I have been meaning to post about hayden-harnett's Paule Marrot editions for a while now and my visit to josephine & debudda, a jewel box of a store in the Mission (which carries select hayden-harnett pieces) yesterday spurred me on.

The Marrot edition handbags feature inserts of Paule Marrot fabric and the super supple hayden-harnett leather and lush design. A french print designer, Paule Marrot was inspired by the Fauves and created stunning bold fabrics. And now we have this beauty:

Image courtesy of hayden-harnett

I love the predominant features of the painting of the Fauves - the deep saturated color, the simplified line. Concepts that are so in - in design right now. I did a major project in school in Paris on Matisse - and fell in love with his approach and consequently design that features the same kind of play between color and line.

Also, I highly recommend a trip to josephine & debudda. Lots of gleamy gold vintage jewelry, fun orange plates, vintage glassware and purses - and a chance to meet josephine herself!

quiz: what type of font are you?

On how about orange, I found this quiz ..."What font are you?"

It seemed at first so promising. Perhaps I would be something really exotic like Old English or Papyrus? Or at least something Germanic like Bauhaus. This was not to be.

Like Jessica from how about orange, I ended up Arial. I think the thing is rigged. Arial????? Seriously.

Friday, June 08, 2007

a wallpaper menagerie

I've definitely had colorful wallpaper on the brain recently - and also kids (so many new babies in my life!)... so why not a wallpaper zoo for kids?

How cool are these?

I mean, why NOT decorate a kids room with a vintage wallpaper giraffe?

Or a chimp?

Many thanks to Joanna of Cup of Jo for the introduction to these and to Romp, the most excellent kids shop where you can purchase your very own menagerie... or a wallpaper tree?

Or elephant?

a feast of SF jewelry talent

Nancy of Belle Epoque has put up her new line of jewelry - with a beach theme. The pieces are really lovely.

Walking with Nancy through a bead store is an experience - as she goes and contemplates coral pieces and sea glass and all the other wonders, she sees in her head so many options! I can't wait to see what she makes next.

Also, Ali of designalicious has put up her gorgeous line too. I met Ali at the Maker Faire and loved all of her work. Amid a bunch of talented independent designers, she really stood out! I made the mistake of not buying several pieces right then and there, but now she's up on etsy. In particular, I love the charm necklaces:

I am not sure what this weekend will bring... but hopefully it will include a trip to Ikea for some Ribba frames for my collection of prints. Our blank dining room wall is crying out for them!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

time for tea

Check out the latest show, tea time, at Rose and Radish in Hayes Valley:

Rose and Radish used to be just a fantastic floral boutique, but it has become a gallery-format shop offering really well designed objects, including (Nancy!) the illusive and captivating gold forest plate:

I can't wait to check out the show in person. Also, Grace of design*sponge mentioned she'll be out in SF for the show and to cover SF design. I can't wait to see what she turns up!

As for my press, I am still waiting for news of it! Apparently it has been "accepted" by the Post Office in Ohio but nothing more - no movement West at least - appears to have occurred. USPS just continues to say, inscrutably, "accepted." I guess my press is just chilling in the Oberlin, Ohio post office. I'll have to investigate.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

soolip etc

As promised, here are a few of my favorites from my weekend trip to LA:

I really loved Soolip on Melrose. I like how their cards just tell it is like it is:

Images courtesy of Soolip

Beautifully and subtly made, these cards have less of a bite/kiss than the average letterpress and are more of the fine art type.

Sugar Paper

At the "sweet" end of the letterpress spectrum, Sugar Paper in Brentwood was like a (paper) candy store.

Image courtesy of Sugar Paper

OK Store

Thanks to designwatcher's LA guide, we headed to OK store on 3rd Street. Almost museum like, OK is filled with cool stuff to look at. I spent most of my time in there ogling the Japanese etched glasses that I love so much.

Calypso Home

I wish my home could be like this store! White walls with pops of color (adore the green and blue Japanese vases!) and interesting objects to look at all over.

Other favorites:
*Aviva Stanoff glass vases at Soolip Bungalow
*head scarves and the super nice shopgirls from Leona Edmiston
*$50 sale bin at London Sole for most comfortable flats ever. check out the online sale too!

Still to check out:
*Reform School in particular and Silverlake in general.

Can't wait to go back!

Monday, June 04, 2007

meet my press

we won this press on ebay last week and it's on its way to me from Ohio right now. it needs some serious tlc (very rusty; no rollers etc etc), but i think our letterpress tag team (b is an engineer and i am the enthusiast, right?) will be able to get it up and running!

this past weekend, i was in LA at a very exciting baby shower. i also made stops at two LA letterpress shops - soolip and sugar paper (and will have another post on those later today or tomorrow!)