Wednesday, October 31, 2007

fine little day

check out this delicate beauty of a poster:

Image courtesy of fine little day

for sale by fine little day. she'll have more up in her etsy shop shortly!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

sunny sunday in sf

i just love SF on days like this. without having to leave my neighborhood, i got to enjoy - in the sun - an indie design fair, toffee coffee ice cream from BiRite in the park, lunch with nancy at the liberties and a visit with Jessica of josephine and debudda!

we visited ali of designalicious at the mission indie mart - she has gorgeous necklaces and some cool vintage earrings for sale... great christmas presents:

Images courtesy of Designalicious

at the mart, i was also taken with the laser-cut jewelry at molly m designs. such pretty cuts and patterns and shapes - i especially liked the circular acrylic pendants - they were so light - and would pick up light rays super well and send them bouncing all over ;)

Image courtesy of Molly M Designs

i also popped into Josephine & Debudda and met both Josephine (shop mascot and friendly french bulldog) and Jessica, the shop's super nice owner. she finds such great vintage jewelry! and displays it so artfully - everything looks like a million bucks, but is in fact totally reasonable.

Image courtesy of Josephine & Debudda

you must go here to ogle the sparkling and gleamy jewelry or pick up a super soft Hayden Harnett pouch for pencils or makeup or a purse (what i use mine for.)

my creative project keeps on trucking - i have a meeting with the new mom to discuss the invite in an hour... and hope to get it all printed tomorrow. wow. can't wait.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

meet up

last night nancy and i attended the design*sponge biz lady event in sf and it was quite fun and inspiring to be surrounded by so many like minded ladies. we had a great time talking to ali of designalicious - who will be showing and selling more of her beautiful jewelry this sunday at the Mission Indie Mart.

check it out!

also, in belleepoque news, nancy will be featured as the designer of a super cute (i had a sneak peak) Halloween costume on live TV this weekend! watch the Saturday morning news show on CBS...

Monday, October 22, 2007

they are everywhere

when we were in london everywhere we looked we saw elephants!

stencil/poster art in the east end:

a herd in hyde park:

plus, bonus! a monkey!

london is such a feast of visual design - everywhere a fantastic color or funny ad to stare at. or a line of shops - all agreeing to paint their fronts in co-ordinated but technicolor saturated color:

and this i just loved:

Sunday, October 21, 2007

art explosion

the city was definitely exploding with art this weekend! open studios galore - every where you look - almost as many as open house real estate signs.

my friend meghan took me to the Art Explosion Open Studios at 17th and Potrero. i loved checking out the art - but maybe even more that that loved seeing that there continues to be space for artists in the city.

and last night we had a super fun night at le zinc and then at the bishop allen concert at the independent - love those boys!

on my own creative front, i am working out a baby shower invite. i love my idea just need my illustrator skills to catch up with it ;) onward...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

of course you do

i really admire Marian Bantjes' work... and i think her recent project for Saks is mesmerizing. i guess this is just what happens retail-wise beginning this time of the year;)

how could you not want a puffy vest when displayed and arrayed just so?

Images courtesy of Marian Bantjes

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

peanut and the moon jar

i just had to post this:

such a darling elephant toy! made by nancy of belle epoque based on a pattern from hillary lang. i saw 'peanut' in person yesterday and he? she? is the perfect, cuddley stuffed toy. hurray for elephants! and new babies of course ;)

on a totally different note: do you know about korean moon jars? i saw a tiny, jewelbox of an exhibit on them at the british museum in london and was really struck by their beauty:

these are very large and very rare white porcelain jars made in Korea in the 17th/18th centuries. to make them large enough, craftsmen created the tops and bottoms of the jars separately and then joined the parts together, which created bulges around the jars' girths. i love the simpleness and milky white color - the jar i saw just seemed to glow...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

new designalicious!

ali of designalicious emailed to tell me about her new jewelry and it is, not suprisingly, gorgeous:

earthy and gorgeous and mysterious!

ali also has a new blog with more photos of new work - and she'll be showing it at the capsule design festival this sunday in sf. i love, love, love the capsule fair - such great designers and artists all in one festive gathering. i don't think i'll make it but will definitely be at ali's next showings at the Mission Indie Mart on 10/28 and the Holiday Bazarre Bizarre on 12/15.

i've been compiling some london and sardinia finds... and will step up my posting again (now that i am 1. in the us and 2. not sick!)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

chihuly glass chandelier

here's a peek at the huge blown glass chandelier by dale chihuly that hangs in the front hall of the victoria & albert museum in london:

the modern and fantastical glass was so striking against the classical/victorian architecture...

Monday, October 01, 2007


i am glad to be home after a fantastic trip! i need to recover a bit from jetlag and a nasty cold, but i wanted to show this gorgeous chair at liberty:

sorry about the blur due to no flash etc... i have tons more pictures and finds from london that i will pick through soon and show the best of. but first, check out this beach - probably the best i've ever been to - on sardinia: