Tuesday, December 05, 2006

not your normal pacifier

this past week, I have been in MA helping my cousin and his wife with their 6 week old baby. he is a darling and i spent many moments holding him, changing him and rocking him to sleep.

perhaps some of the most memorable moments were, however, our efforts to soothe the baby when he hit the peak of the top of the 'crying curve'. (apparently babies go through a major crying phase - of the inconsolable, caterwauling, red, screaming angry type crying - at 6 to 8 weeks). one or two times a day the baby would turn bright red and just bawl for no apparent reason.

of course we tried all the usual methods to soothe him, but those were useless. we brought out the big pacifying guns:

1. the vacuum*

Turn on the vacuum and the baby quiets. Something about the white noise.

2. the baby footrace

If #1 doesn't work, take baby and walk as fast as possible around the apartment. If necessary, run-walk w/ babe in arms through apartment building halls.

3. the baby drive by

If #1 and #2 don't work and the level of baby crying noise has reached into the stratosphere, put the baby in his carseat and sprint out of apt, grabbing only necessary keys. Get in the car and drive and drive and drive. Baby should fall asleep immediately once in the car and parent/care taker can try to enjoy a drive and a little peace ;)

*Dishwashers and dryers may be substituted.

All of this pacifying took place in Cambridge, which was very beautiful and unseasonably warm - until it snowed. It is funny to see snow on bright green grass and below trees still with leaves on!

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belle epoque said...

hmmmm, sounds like visiting a baby at the peak of the crying curve is a magnificent form of birth control!