Wednesday, February 21, 2007


an attempt to draw a self-portrait sketch in Illustrator:

i don't recommend trying to draw your own face. ever. it is just far too easy to make one look like a dope or way worse. in the above, i am supposed to be winking - with the existing eye. i tried drawing the other eye and that is where i started looking really stupid.

i do like my hair b/c it is how i imagine my own hair looks a lot of the time. kind of crazy and all sticking up. i know that isn't true, but that is how i FEEL it looks.

update: ok, i just took a look at this and my orange hair is turning out BLUE and there is no left eye! only the chesire looking grin. going to try to fix that. if you actually click on the image. you'll see how i meant it to be. i think it worked. i figured out how to optimize images for Web in photoshop and, as a result, am feeling pretty fancy.


belle epoque said...

cute! i love your drawings-- reminds me of the cute ones you did that we had on our wall sophomore year! and it looks totally optimal too, :) which is very impressive.

Sarah said...

i think you look attractive with only one eye. and that's not something i say to everyone. :)