Friday, April 13, 2007

strong shapes

strong shapes always attract my eye. clear outline, confident color choices, self-assured forms - i think these are central to what i like and common to many of the designs in which i find inspiration. the works of henri matisse, kelly wearstler prints and wall paper (not to mention her outfits on top design), the jersey of doo ri, port2port press letterpress, arabian geometric patterns - all of these have strong and striking (to me) shapes.

for instance, The Piano Lesson, by Henri Matisse:

geometric forms, such as this wallpaper from kelly wearstler, are strong and clear; they pop!

or how about the french dot wallpaper from Nama Rococo?

or these, from flavor paper:

strong shapes can be visually arresting for more than just visual pleasure. the work of kara walker - who works in cut outs - is striking but also draws attention to social issues in a firm, yet not hit-you-over-the-head way.

Kara Walker's installation for the School of Arts at Columbia:

an heir to matisse's cut outs? This is his Two Dancers:

finally, i am also finding inspiration in doo ri - these shapes are not geometric or fixed but arresting in another way - a swoop of jersey cloth where you'd least expect it:

photos: Luis Bañuelos Aréchiga

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