Tuesday, October 09, 2007

new designalicious!

ali of designalicious emailed to tell me about her new jewelry and it is, not suprisingly, gorgeous:

earthy and gorgeous and mysterious!

ali also has a new blog with more photos of new work - and she'll be showing it at the capsule design festival this sunday in sf. i love, love, love the capsule fair - such great designers and artists all in one festive gathering. i don't think i'll make it but will definitely be at ali's next showings at the Mission Indie Mart on 10/28 and the Holiday Bazarre Bizarre on 12/15.

i've been compiling some london and sardinia finds... and will step up my posting again (now that i am 1. in the us and 2. not sick!)


nancy said...

yay! glad you are feeling better! i'd love to meet up with you to go to Capsule if you're going!

bruiser said...

you were sick? glad to hear you are feeling better. how was the trip?