Friday, December 14, 2007

type & tauba auerbach

type and typography fascinate me. together with color, look how tauba auerbach uses it to illustrate a quicksilver flipflop of opinion:

i am really looking forward to exploring type and its power in my letterpress work... speaking of which: printing solo for the first time on the letterpress last night was a thrill. i am so grateful to my kind and helpful fellow printers - betsy and kathleen - and our indefatiguably patient supervisor sabrina.... i had a ton of questions and learned so many tricks to to making more perfect prints.

there's a slippery slope in the possibility for perfection in letterpress and, for my own sanity, i am working hard to concentrate on the potential beauty in (my many printed) imperfections. you can measure so much and expect such exact results that easily, quickly the art and fun of it (for me at least for now) can slide away.

Image courtesy of Tauba Auerbach

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nancy said...

i hear you. while i'm sure your prints were all beautiful, i absolutely agree that in almost any craft the discrepancies between the idea (perfect in conception) and the product (imperfect in execution, even if the imperfection is visible only to you) can be so frustrating it makes you want to just give up.

sometimes when you put something away and bring it back out, you can appreciate what a good job you actually did, having gotten over the feelings of failure upon first looking at it. and sometimes projects are best scrapped and chalked up to experience (I'm one step away from finishing a coat that I think falls into this category) :)

but there is always another idea, and another chance to create, which is the most important thing!


p.s. just fyi: i'm signing my name with link because blogger no longer leaves a space for comments that link anywhere but blogger!