Friday, August 29, 2008


my diminishing credibility as "non-tv watching" person aside, i wanted to spotlight leanne- one of the designers on the current project runway season. this is the best (well, only) re-interpretation of car seat belts (car parts etc - look at that fringe - it is a former seat belt) into clothing that i've ever seen.

leanne has her own line - leanimal - and so every time she pops up on the screen - she's very innocent looking in real life - i can't help but think - confusedly - of a tigress.

anyhow, check out ana's weekly rundown of each week's looks. ana has a great eye and its always interesting to see her take on the show. as for the designers in general, i am liking leanne, korto, kenley sometimes (she can be pretty annoying). in the extremely annoying camp: blayne and suede. hoping there are more challenges like the brooke shields one and fewer with car parts in the future...

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