Sunday, November 05, 2006


after witnessing more of stanford's crushing defeat - and a bit more of a defeat - than we'd planned, we took our sorry selves off to try the enomatic machines at Niebaum Coppola.

you get a card like a credit card, plug it into the machine and pick a wine, put your glass under a speical spout, press a button and out comes the wine. you drink it and them move on to others, charging your tastes to your card. like a high-end vending machine w/great risk of spending way, way too much money. but b/c you can try different things and move around and talk about your choices - grasping to find the best way to describe, w/o resorting to fruits or veggies or cheese (thank you Sideways), how the wines smell and taste - it is fun for a group.

other stuff:

Pork Store Cafe

satisfying brunch food. quirky, warm lighting: varied lamp shades grouped and hung from the ceiling. we tried to pick our favorite shade, but decided they looked best all together. must keep camera with me.


more naked men than expected.

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tee hee. more naked men than expected.