Monday, March 31, 2008

aviary in austin

our last day in Austin was last Sunday - Easter. we didn't have high hopes that shops would be open, but took a shot and called Aviary to see. one of the shop's owners, Marco, answered and said no the shop wasn't open but that he'd open it up for us whenever we wanted to swing by.

and so we did and had a blast checking out all of the gorgeous goods, including cards and prints by Umlauted, an Austin based print shop. these are some of my favorites:

i also loved the jewelry by Sampagita and the fun kids products by Offi and the moderngoods china (see below for a pic)...

even more than the goods, though, we loved the company! marco made us espresso and sat us down at the bar in his store for a good long chat about his career as a photographer and shop owner and what its like to run a small business. like kathryn at homegirls, marco seemed just so happy to be doing what he's doing. really inspiring.

thank you marco for everything! you rock.

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