Monday, March 17, 2008


over the past weekend, i came across a couple of landscapes that made me pause.

one literal: the work of huettl landscape architecture

loved their olive grove at the sf garden show. so peaceful. here's a shot of some of their other work:

fascinated by contrasts as always, i like how they juxtapose tough concrete with the hazy greens of olive trees and grasses and water sounds (take my word on it on that last point)

Image courtesy of Huettl Landscape

should i ever have the opportunity for them to create a mediterranean garden for me in the hazy future, i'll take it.

a second landscape - that of a nama rococo print spied in rose and radish.

i left it in the shop but thought better and ordered it (the last one i was told!). but watch her wallpaper and other prints. this was a splurge but it was sort of a special celebratory weekend so it was (i am going to tell myself this) in order.

Image courtesy of Rose and Radish and Nama Rococo

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Ana said...

the splurge was definitely a good idea! what a cool find!