Thursday, March 27, 2008

awesome austin

last weekend, my friend ashley and i hit the town of austin texas hard. we had a great time and, we both feel, did the town proud - going to tons of live shows, tasting every mexican morsel we could get our hands (mouths?) on and, of course, visiting the super super shops. it was, in short, my kind of travel destination heaven. sigh.

one of the best things about this place is that cool stuff is around every corner. for instance, this:

upon turning a corner on the ut campus, we came across this sculpture called "Penetrable" by Jesus Rafael Soto. you could walk through it, were invited to do so by the signs... and it felt so funny - like you were moving through thicker air or kelp or seaweed. as ashley said (i think!), it kind of makes you think more about the space you inhabit.

it also looks so freaking cool.

stay tuned - tomorrow i will post about 2 of our favorite shops in austin and their fabulous and friendly shopkeepers...

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