Tuesday, August 28, 2007

allegra hicks

i am heading to London (and Sardinia) and, inspired by all things british as well as desire to inspire's post on allegra hicks, checked out the allegra hicks website. where i found these:

Image courtesy of Allegra Hicks

love the varied colors and patterns. i'd use 1 of each type and combine with otherwise white table furnishings for a summery/beachy look. or else with pewter for something a little richer.

the pic is also especially fun - doesn't it look like a fan made out of multi colored and multi paned cotton?

also, i am almost ready to post my NYC finds... but am still trying to find a time - when I am 1. home and 2. the sun is still shining - to take some good pictures of a couple of them! it has been a busy month!

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