Friday, August 10, 2007

use of color at home

i like seeing how people work with color in their homes. elisabeth dunker's use of it in hers is so simple and beautiful.

i like the pops of color against the white and blue for the kids rooms - it is carefully designed and laid out but i get the feeling the kids can still play freely, be inspired, leave toys on the floor (look at the second picture) and make the space their own.

many thanks to joanna for the link to her article and interview in cookie magazine with elisabeth dunker.

now i really am dying to visit sweden and denmark to see more aesthetics like these!

Images courtesy of Cookie magazine


joanna said...

thanks for the link! i'm so glad you liked the house tour -- she is amazing and so are those lovely colors and pieces she uses. xo joanna

The Ninny said...

oh - i am going to have to check out this cookie magazine.

also, to answer your question to me...i took the duke job. they re-offered it and i couldn't turn it down. :)