Monday, August 13, 2007

making letterpress progress

I am definitely going to post more on my NYC finds, but first I wanted to post these:

I made my blog some stationary!

Letterpress class could not be more fun. My partner Geoff and I mixed up our colors and took the press by storm (not really, but we did feel super happy with our results). I had laid out just some boring text - the three bits you can see - but then in a burst of inspiration with our second color registration we adjusted things on the fly, played with overlapping text and went with our gut. We ended up with what I think is a really dynamic, integrated design as a final product.

I made flat stationary, folded a few of the flat pieces up into cards and also - thanks to Geoff's idea - perforated a few just above the wording which created some extemporaneous business cards.

I love it! Can't wait for future classes and... In other exciting news, my husband and our friend - both two handy people - fixed my broken tabletop letterpress! They fixed broken cast iron - no idea how they did it, but they did. I am impressed and super grateful. So I am a huge step closer to being able to do this chez moi. Again, can't wait!


nancy said...

OH MY GOSH! that looks FANTASTIC! so cool, way to go! can't wait to see more Heyde letterpress designs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Camilla,

Your designs look fabulous! It was great to meet you at the class & I'm excited to see what you churn out on your new press! I'll stay in touch. Hopefully I'll have my own press soon & we can swap tips.

Have a great day,

Camilla said...

thanks guys! i really appreciate it!

Kathryn said...

SWEET! Umm.. I want some. I showed your mom and she likes it! AND the color scheme is perfect. nice tray!

bruiser said...

Can your blog and I be pen pals?

Ali said...

I LOVE your letterpress design, it's really nice! I can't wait to see more too!

Thanks again for the post about designalicious at mission indie mart!