Sunday, May 20, 2007

belle epoque superstar!

belle epoque, AKA Nancy, had us all transfixed yesterday at the Maker Faire. with her trademark flair, wit and grace, she showed us eager MF attendees how to make her bias-tape tote bag. so approachable, so nice - Nancy makes sewing these beautiful bags seem like terrific fun.

check out her other creations, including the below pink, GORGEOUS bag, for sale right at her etsy shop!

fabulous work nancy!

in other belle epoque news:

*did you know that belle epoque has WRITTEN A CRAFTY BOOK? check it out!

*lucky enough to own quite a few one of a kinds made by belle epoque, i will post some pictures of these treasures in the next few days. stay tuned!

other Make Faire highlights for me were:

*charm necklaces from designalicious

Not a charm necklace, but a beauty all the same. Image courtesy of designalicious.

chatting with ali, the creator behind this multi-faceted design shop, was a pleasure. i am bummed i did not purchase one of her super necklaces right then and there, because it sounds like they are close to sold out. ali said she'd put pieces up in the designalicious etsy shop shortly so check them out! also check out the rest of her fantastic design work - layout, knitted goods, japanese fabric stitched items, a gorgeous yoga mat bag! ali is the ultimate renassiance crafter.

*jill killjoy

i love, love the jill killjoy mini wallets!

they come in a rainbow of colors and i wanted them all, altogether. just like this:

Images courtesy of Jill Killjoy

but i made do - quite well - with a green, white and orange gem. liz, who creates these, mentioned she looks for vintage napkins and tablecloths to recreate into these fantastic tidbits of color for your pocket...

*baby tees (and other graphic tees) from my windup bird

super strong and graphic. and still, so cute. i wanted to eat them right up! lovely proprietress too.

*all sorts of products from social studies design.

hand-made goods for the urban-male, these were totally unique! i love this design, 'dog boy':

Image courtesy of Social Studies Design

of course, exploring the "Make" side of the Fair (as opposed to the "Craft") side with my robotic, gear (and 'crazy-tricks-that-you-must-do-OUTSIDE')-loving husband was also tons of fun. the mentos exploding (20 feet in the air) in diet coke, the drag-racing power tools, it was all just a riot. it was my first maker faire, but it will not be my last!

on the way home (only we would go home to sf from san mateo via palo alto), we stopped to check out the vintage bmw fair in palo alto:

b will kill me for saying this, but SO ADORABLE!

and finally, much closer to home, we stopped at daiso - the dollar japanese store in daly city. this is THE place to go when you NEED to buy something - ok, like ten things - but really need NOT to spend money. i spent like $10 bucks and got three of those fancy schmancy japanese clear folders (they are spendy at Maido), two miso soup bowls, a fantastic wine opener (just as good as the spendy one i got as a wedding present from Williams-Sonoma but literally 1/40th the price!) and some other items that i can't quite remember at this precise moment.

but can you tell i like daiso?

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Nancy said...

yay! thank you so much for coming and being my fearless supporter and sewing buddy. i want to see pix of your daiso haul!