Thursday, May 24, 2007


a couple of weeks ago, i went to beadissimo on valencia. to be honest, i've always been kind of intimidated by all the beads on the walls and just blank out and spend any time i am there playing with the india beads in the big trunk by the door (am always there with someone actually buying). at any rate, i spotted a certain elephant figure ... and decided to make something of it. and i wanted to, but i needed nancy to help me - and she ended up doing it for me! and so - another belle epoque creation:

i've worn it to work every day this week...

anyhow, i am psyched for this weekend. i am taking a letterpress class at the center for the book and will check out the indie designers at the capsule spring design festival in hayes valley. can't wait.

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Nancy said...

yay! i love it. and it's totally a heyde creation, 100% your design! sorry i wasn't more "show-y" when I did the wire twisting...we'll do it again!