Friday, May 25, 2007

sf decorator showcase

Today, at lunch, I checked out the 2007 SF Decorator Showcase. It featured about 20 spaces, designed by different SF based firms. I'd definitely take a look at it before it closes on 5/28 - if you have any interest in interior design.

My favorite room was a study, tucked into the back of the first floor (right by - of all things - the massive industrial refrigerator) by Angela Free Interior Design

Images courtesy of Angela Free Design.

I am not that surprised this was my favorite. So many of the room's elements - large washes of white, orange accents, an iMac, travel books - are things that I like to have around me in my own home! (On a different/scale budget obv.)

Other striking parts of the showcase:

*Lushart mural in the dining room by the Steven Miller Design Studio

Don't have a picture of the actual mural, but I am not even sure a photo would do it justice. Gray-green and misty - you had to look close to see that it was of large eucalyptus trees. Here's an example of a screen the same design firm has done - to give a sense of the beauty of their work.

Image courtesy of Lushart.

I liked everything about the dining room except the shiny black dining room table - I just didn't get how it fit or - for that matter - contrasted well with the rest of the green, white and gray room. Some pops of color would have worked to add some more spice or shine (gorgeous gold accents did a pretty good job already) but the shiny black table was just kind of jarring.

*Shiny black cabinets in the pantry by Tish Key Interior Design

Now this was an ingenious and oddly appropriate place for shiny black - but you probably think I am nuts. I would never think to paint pantry cabinets black! A teeny, tiny little narrow room, the pantry basically consisted of two rows of cabinets and counters staring blankly at each other. According to Tish Key, when this room was painted white, it was very dark (the pantry and the kitchen were about the only 2 rooms without some sort of view in the house). But when painted glossy black and faced with mirrors it became a jewel box of light. I wish I could find a picture to show how remarkable this was. I just love this kind of attention to the effect of light.

*For gutsy colors, the master bedroom by Kendall Wilkinson Design

Image courtesy of Kendall Wilkinson Design.

The image says it all.


Nancy said...

yay! thanks so much for taking me with you. i'm glad you could find pictures of all the best rooms, too!

Camilla said...

thanks! some of the decorators had them on their sites... which was cool!

Camilla said...
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