Monday, May 28, 2007

sf capsule festival

Despite the cloudy (and rainy?!) weather in SF yesterday, Nancy, our friend Meghan and B and I had lots of fun at the Capsule SF Festival .

First on my list yesterday: to check out Lizard Press and Paperflirt, two letterpress studios in attendance.

Lizard Press

I was totally thrilled to meet Melissa of Lizard Press. I've admired her poster for the 2007 Book Arts and Printers' Fair (at left) since I first saw it weeks ago - and got to purchase my own print of it at Capsule. Look carefully - you'll see she's working with several layers - which add depth and interest to the piece. Melissa took the time to explain some of her techniques to me - and I can't wait to take a class from her. She's teaching at the SF Book Center this Fall so check it out. Melissa, if you are reading this, thanks again!

Oh and check out her description of the layout and functionality of the following Lizard Press broadside. So well thought out - it breaks down into 4 separate pieces. That's a lot to think about when just trying to print well, but an efficient way to maximize a single letterpress print!

Images courtesy of Lizard Press


I loved the modern zebra stripe cards:

Image courtesy of Paperflirt.

Also, I picked up a larger Paperflirt letterpress print of a piece of coral. Paperflirt's style is simple, elegant and just very clean. I need to start framing my burgeoning collection!

Capsule was largely jewelry and clothing (not paper goods) and two standouts in these categories for me were:

Lali Clothing

Darling, handmade children's clothing. Enthusiastic, super cute nice owner too! Terrific bubble fabric jumpers!

Miss Natalie

I had a great chat with Natalie of Miss Natalie, who was nice enough to let me take a photo of her ingenious display of her hand-printed handkerchiefs. Look closely: you can see she's turned her kerchiefs into parachutes, gently gliding toy figures (a giraffe!) down through the trees and out of the sky:

A multi-talented designer, Natalie also creates intruiging wallpaper patterns!

And now, for a look at a real giraffe and a real gorilla (we went to the zoo today :)....

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Nancy said...

oh! you saw so much that i missed- those handkerciefs are wonderful. and i'm glad to hear that the SF zoo was fun! i love going to a good zoo, but i'd heard rumors it was rather grim, so i'm glad conditions have improved so I can visit!