Monday, May 14, 2007

i (heart) bettye muller

a few weeks ago, my family was in town and i took them to my sister in law's store, my roommate's closet - a fantastic SF boutique outlet and must-visit when in SF.

i spied these right away:

and these:

and, egged on by my mom, sister and spinning ninny, got them. both pairs!
not so incidentally, everything at my roommate's closet is half off retail, so this bettye muller find was QUITE a find.

so began my love affair with bettye muller shoes. so well made, so comfortable. and the prints are such a great complement and conterpoint to my otherwise fairly neutral (sometimes, admittedly all black) wardrobe. much to the delight of those who've witnessed the repeating all-black ensembles, my color fascination is extending to my outfits.

here's an action shot:


Nancy said...

you bought pinky-orange shoes! i love them! they do look very comfy too.

Sarah said...

i'd be careful if you bring them to DC or if i visit again... i might be inclined to borrow the orange ones... glad they're as comfy as they are cute!

** Terramia ** said...

Oh so Gorgeous!

Sarah said...

fyi, i look on ebay for bettye muller shoes now. it's terrible. i don't need them, but i want them!

Anonymous said...

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