Tuesday, May 01, 2007

marimekko redux

when i was little, i always had a marimekko duvet. i had trucks (Katsuji Wakisaka's Bo Boo pattern):

and, then as i got older, a version of Maija Isola's Unikko:

Above images from Marimekko.

maybe this is why i love strong shapes and colors so much? (admittedly i had a significant lapse in this and a strong interest in well, black, in my angsty teens and early twenties.)

whatever the reasons/history, i do love marimekko lots and am loving how its fabrics and designers are everywhere these days as ornamentation and color pop up also all over:

on a marisco skirt from anthropologie:

and the grocery bags that designwatcher featured recently.

and the cosmetic bags i pass often at the zinc details on fillmore:

also, thanks to belle epoque's example, i have started wists as one more way to keep track of what i am liking as i cruise the web... check them out on the side column...

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Sarah said...

oh i love the cosmetics bag! i'm so bland in my wardrobe colors...and much else that i do...i should think about adding some color...

oh - also, i finished moving the old posts to my new blog.