Friday, May 04, 2007

color fixation

do you ever get fixed on a color? and can't seem to shake it?

well orange is my latest fix, not least b/c i look at it everyday (see my earlier 'self-portrait' post). so, when going about making an invite for my 30th bday party, here's what i focused on:

orange in a word. literally.

as i have been putting together my wists, i notice i seem to focus on one color at once... they are scrolling below in order i placed them in the list. there's a patch of green or greenish items, one of red and orange etc etc.

ps. looking again at my invite on the blog, i realize that i subconsciously was using the colors from the blog template. whoa. totally did not realize that.
i thought i got the idea for the blue accents from this in hong kong: (sorry it is blurry; shaky hand, no flash allowed):

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