Tuesday, May 15, 2007

smallest, coolest

thanks to sfgirlbybay, i came across this picture of a small venice beach apartment:

in contention for apartment therapy's smallest coolest apartments 2007, this is just gorgeous. so sunny and bright. all the best of what la is. i love the pop of the red poster and the blue door - and the simple table and chairs. i wish i could have such a serene apartment but that will remain aspirational i am sure. i have way too many books, magazines, photos - and seem to need to see them (spread out everywhere on every surface) always!

in other news, belle epoque will be in great sewing company at the maker faire! sfgirlbybay reports that lotta jansdotter will also be demonstrating this weekend! GO BELLE EPOQUE! (you can meet lotta at a party at lavish on friday too! again, see sfgirlby bay for more info!)

ps. more statistics: be sure to check out this somewhat hilarious analysis of the smallest, coolest contenders.

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