Tuesday, June 05, 2007

soolip etc

As promised, here are a few of my favorites from my weekend trip to LA:

I really loved Soolip on Melrose. I like how their cards just tell it is like it is:

Images courtesy of Soolip

Beautifully and subtly made, these cards have less of a bite/kiss than the average letterpress and are more of the fine art type.

Sugar Paper

At the "sweet" end of the letterpress spectrum, Sugar Paper in Brentwood was like a (paper) candy store.

Image courtesy of Sugar Paper

OK Store

Thanks to designwatcher's LA guide, we headed to OK store on 3rd Street. Almost museum like, OK is filled with cool stuff to look at. I spent most of my time in there ogling the Japanese etched glasses that I love so much.

Calypso Home

I wish my home could be like this store! White walls with pops of color (adore the green and blue Japanese vases!) and interesting objects to look at all over.

Other favorites:
*Aviva Stanoff glass vases at Soolip Bungalow
*head scarves and the super nice shopgirls from Leona Edmiston
*$50 sale bin at London Sole for most comfortable flats ever. check out the online sale too!

Still to check out:
*Reform School in particular and Silverlake in general.

Can't wait to go back!

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