Friday, June 08, 2007

a wallpaper menagerie

I've definitely had colorful wallpaper on the brain recently - and also kids (so many new babies in my life!)... so why not a wallpaper zoo for kids?

How cool are these?

I mean, why NOT decorate a kids room with a vintage wallpaper giraffe?

Or a chimp?

Many thanks to Joanna of Cup of Jo for the introduction to these and to Romp, the most excellent kids shop where you can purchase your very own menagerie... or a wallpaper tree?

Or elephant?


shiso mama said...

one of my best friends has a couple of these in her baby's room. they really are gorgeous. she's currently drooling over the tree. luckily, she just lives down the street from romp.

Camilla said...

ooh! lucky her! i, meanwhile, am drooling over your collages!