Sunday, June 17, 2007

binth baby

With babies again on the brain (just spent a fun few hours with a great friend and her adorable and super happy 7 month old who has discovered how to give a most excellent sloppy kiss!) I thought I'd show this:

Image courtesy of Binth

This baby book says everything that a whole lot of baby stuff doesn't; it's simple, well-designed and is such a soothing, restful (for the tired parental eyes) green image. The book is from Binth, a Chicago design group which produces really striking graphics in cards, notebooks and on art prints. Including this print for a baby room (which I love, love, love):

Image courtesy of Binth

I am also immersed in design research for upcoming trips 1) to my hometown NYC; can't wait to really get to know Brooklyn and 2) on a bonanza trip to Berlin & Munich & Cophenhagen. If anyone reading this has any suggestions about where to go and what to see (design or otherwise), I'd love to hear them!


Nancy said...

so lovely! not sure if you're already planning to go to John Derian when you're in NYC, but it is definitely worth the trip (we've both admired their stuff is at Nest and Calypso Home).

and yay for the Europe trip! i'm so glad it is still on.

The Ninny said...

i think we're going to need to get a download from you about brooklyn. we wandered around there a bit last weekend...we spent about 10% of our time in cute spaces and about 90% of the time in industrial, gentrifying places. either way, we stumbled on very few cute places.