Monday, June 11, 2007

color and line

I have been meaning to post about hayden-harnett's Paule Marrot editions for a while now and my visit to josephine & debudda, a jewel box of a store in the Mission (which carries select hayden-harnett pieces) yesterday spurred me on.

The Marrot edition handbags feature inserts of Paule Marrot fabric and the super supple hayden-harnett leather and lush design. A french print designer, Paule Marrot was inspired by the Fauves and created stunning bold fabrics. And now we have this beauty:

Image courtesy of hayden-harnett

I love the predominant features of the painting of the Fauves - the deep saturated color, the simplified line. Concepts that are so in - in design right now. I did a major project in school in Paris on Matisse - and fell in love with his approach and consequently design that features the same kind of play between color and line.

Also, I highly recommend a trip to josephine & debudda. Lots of gleamy gold vintage jewelry, fun orange plates, vintage glassware and purses - and a chance to meet josephine herself!

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Nancy said...

oh that bag is delicious! i definitely want to visit that store!