Thursday, June 07, 2007

time for tea

Check out the latest show, tea time, at Rose and Radish in Hayes Valley:

Rose and Radish used to be just a fantastic floral boutique, but it has become a gallery-format shop offering really well designed objects, including (Nancy!) the illusive and captivating gold forest plate:

I can't wait to check out the show in person. Also, Grace of design*sponge mentioned she'll be out in SF for the show and to cover SF design. I can't wait to see what she turns up!

As for my press, I am still waiting for news of it! Apparently it has been "accepted" by the Post Office in Ohio but nothing more - no movement West at least - appears to have occurred. USPS just continues to say, inscrutably, "accepted." I guess my press is just chilling in the Oberlin, Ohio post office. I'll have to investigate.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

the PLATE! gah! it is probably a million dollars for just one, but boy i love them.

and rose and radish is suddenly cute! last time i went it was all white and chrome everything that cost over $1000, no colors or towels or tea sets-- i'll have to go back for a visit while there are colors and pretty things.