Wednesday, June 13, 2007

learning to love you more

Good news: I think my press has made it across the country! I got a cryptic USPS notice telling me a 'heavy parcel' is waiting for me at the post office ... What else could it be? I have to ask b when he can help me pick it up! Cannot wait.

In other creative ventures, I just submitted this as an assignment for the Learning to Love You More project #63, organized by Miranda July et al:

For #63 - the "Make an encouraging banner" assigment - they suggested you do something with a phrase you say to yourself ... and I thought of this phrase that I do say to myself - a phrase I saw once on a lady's tote bag in an airport in Florida.

Although the quote is a little challenging or onerous sounding, it is encouraging to me b/c it basically says to be creative it is necesary to have courage and to persevere. that is a requirement of creativity. It shouldn't come super easily, but requires courage and effort and intent - all that.

(Also, randomly, I realized it is a Matisse quote (after looking it up on the internet) whch is kind of nice - b/c his work has been so formative in my design sense.)

Anyhow, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the other assigment submissions on the LLYM website - and possibly particpate. A recording of "the sound that is keeping you awake" might make someone out there in the world (not you, I am guessing) laugh!

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