Tuesday, June 12, 2007

modern economy

On design*sponge today, I read about Modern Economy, which seems right up my alley. Calling itself a "home & lifestyle sample sale event for design enthusiasts" and emphasizing affordable modern design, Modern Economy is coming to SF again this July.

I hope to find some:

Henry Road cottons

Or maybe some Tikoli tea towels?

It is a bit mysterious, but sign up to be on the ME email list to find out when and where the event will take place in SF....

Also, check out the website of Meg Mateo Ilasco, Modern Economy's organizer. Her prints are so fun!


Nancy said...

oooh! i want to go with you! and what a great way to build a mailing list- give no info about sales unless someone joins! is that good web marketing?

alyson. said...

I love those linens from Henry Road. so pretty!

Camilla said...

nancy - let's definitely go! i think it is a good way to build some buzz ;) risky but gutsy...

alyson -
thanks so much for your post! i love reading your blog!