Thursday, June 21, 2007

temperley at target

Temperley dresses exude such a sense of exotic relaxation. Kind of like - if I was wearing one, I must be in some far flung, hot spot where the primary activity must be doing nothing much at all...

Image courtesy of Temperley

I spent some time the other week at Post26 in LA ogling them (they are spendy$$$). Come October, however, it looks like I'll be able to partake of a bit of Temperley as Alice Temperley's collection for Target debuts:

Images courtesy of Target

Not an exotic dress in sight (ok the one at the right is pretty sultry), but I like the Parisian chic of these.


I'm Andrea said...

Temperley, how I love thee. I am not sure I could pull off that dress, but oh how I wish. Love your blog! Oh, and I might just have to go order that Matisse book {he's one of my favs}.

Nancy said...

oooh! so exciting! 80% of the time when i see a celebrity in a great dress, it turns out to be Temperley! can't wait to check out her stuff at target-- i love the dress on the far right of the pic.

Camilla said...

andrea - thanks for the comment and including me on your blogroll! i love reading your blog too. also, in looking down your profile, i realize we have such similar interests from music to books. (i also was both art history and english.) can't wait to see what you keep posting!

and nancy - we should definitely go check target out in oct!